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Model ScreenMaster


The Hagner ScreenMaster is a small, handy and very easy-to-use instrument for measurement of luminance (measuring angle 36°)and lluminance over a range of 0.1-200,000 cd/mē and lux, respectively. With both automatic zeroing and on/off switch, the only controls needed are a four-position range selection switch, a hold button for retaining the displayed value and a switch for selection between luminance and illuminance.
The ScreenMaster is well suited for determination of light quality, e.g. in working areas where image screens are used.


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Model S4

The Hagner S4 Universal Photometer is a precision instrument for measuring luminance (measuring angle 1°)and illuminance, in the field as well as in the laboratory, over a range of 0.01 - 199,900 cd/mē and lux, respectively. It can also be used for the determination of a number of photometric quantities.
The full range of Hagner Special Detectors as well as several accessories can be used with the S4.
When measuring luminance, the area measured is seen through an optical viewing system. Illuminance is measured by means of a cable connected detectcor.


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