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ELV-741 replaced by ELV-841

The ELV-741 has been electronically updated and is now built with a slightly smaller housing.
The new model denomination is ELV-841


ERP-105 available with a smaller detector head.

For some customers the standard detector head (SD17) for the ERP-105 has been too large
for their applications. We therefore now also offer the ERP-105 with a smaller head (SD27)
The sizes of the two heads are:

Height at front
SD17: 60 mm outer = 65 mm
inner = 45 mm
SD27: 55 mm outer = 29 mm
inner = 27mm

Please specify with order which detector head you require

New waterproof encloseure for Hagner Special Detectors

The waterproof enclosure for Hagner detectors SD1-SD4 has been completely
redesigned and is now also available with a built-in heater to avoid condensation.